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Our Story

Tried & True Since ‘82.

Invisible Structures started in a garage in Aurora, Colorado in 1982 with a daring dream of replacing certain concrete and asphalt applications with grass paving. Since then, we have changed the world’s landscape. We pioneered the use of 100% recycled plastic in all our products, back when we had to source our own plastic and grind it ourselves.

ISI MIA 1100X1100

Made in the USA

At Invisible Structures, we are committed to “doing it the right way” by creating strong, lasting products that help change the environment for the better. For us, that means engineering those products and keeping those jobs right here in the United States of America, where regulations and standards are high, delivery is efficient, and we can closely monitor all aspects of production.

History of the Roll

The original version of our grass paving system was simply PVC rings glued to mats. But our founder, William Bohnhoff, decided there was too much waste (and too much mess from PVC shavings) from this process. In 1988, he switched from PVC to injection-molded recycled plastic rings glued to mats. Then in 1991 evolved to our current solution of a 100% recycled plastic ring on grid system.

At first, the injection-molded ring on grid part was shipped flat and snapped together onsite. This functioned well but was more labor intensive for our customers. So, we went back to the drawing board to create a more flexible version of Grasspave2 that wouldn’t lose any of its 15,940 PSI strength but could be pre-assembled into rolls for ease during installation. Not only does this current version of Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 now have the convenience and ease of roll installation, but it’s also flexible enough to undulate with the base course during extreme changes in temperature and can bend around slight curves.

Created First. Built to Last.