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Why Invisible Structures

Our Ownable Lane

What started in a garage in 1982, has grown to be the industry’s trusted choice in porous paving and modular underground water containment. Invisible Structures is committed to maintaining the values upon which we were built: the highest quality sustainable product, unparalleled customer service and the finest aesthetics available. 

Our Unique Shape

Our trademark ring-on-grid design gives our products their competitive advantage. Evenly spaced rings make for a flexible yet strong structure with no stress points and independent weight distribution.

The Strength Contest is No Contest

Strength, combined with installed aesthetics, matter, and our products are built with that in mind. Our lab-tested products withstand an astonishing amount of compression due to our proprietary blend of recycled plastic and trademark ring-on-grid design. Each independent cylinder transfers the load to the weight bearing base course protecting vegetation or decorative gravel while supporting the weight of any vehicle. 

Firetrucks Grass 1442X976

Type of Vehicle/Paving PSI

Car & Pick-up Truck 45
Utility, Delivery, H-20 loading 60
Fire Truck H-20 110
Semi Truck Tire 120
DC-10 Airplane 250
Concrete 3,000
Grasspave2/GravelPave2** 15,940

**Over 5 times the strength of concrete


Flexibility Advantages

Due to our trademark design and proprietary blend of HDPE 100% recycled plastic, our products offer distinct design and installation advantages. Most products roll out like carpet making for an easy installation and labor cost reduction. Products can be trimmed with pruning shears and will bend slightly to accommodate surface imperfections and curves for layout and design customization.

Void Space Advantage

Our founding product designer felt it was important for our products to achieve results without interfering with the landscape aesthetic. He streamlined the designs to optimize space for root growth, unparalleled water storage and virtually invisible products.

Quick, Cost-Effective Install

Lightweight large rolls make installation fast and easy requiring fewer man-hours than other products. For example, a 430sf installation of Grasspave2 (product only) requires approximately 5 minutes of labor. A full installation of the same size, including product, sand, Hydrogrow and sod/seed can be completed in about an hour.