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Slopetame3 provides an immediate and permanent solution to erosion and sedimentation problems. Using our trademark interlocking ring-on-grid design with the added benefit of crossbars on every row, Slopetame3 is a one-of-a-kind permanent reinforcement and stabilization system that is strong enough to support pedestrians and light vehicles. 

Slopetame3 Advantages

  • Permanent Stabilization
  • Lightweight and Quick and Easy to Install
  • Strong Enough to Support Pedestrians and Light Vehicles
  • Vegetation Containment
  • Controlled Porosity
  • UV Resistant
  • Made From 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic


  • Steep Slope Erosion Control
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Vegetated Swale Applications
  • Stormwater Infiltration Trenches
  • 1:1 Slope Erosion Control

Featured Case Study

“Murietta Diamond” Interstate Interchange

Check out how Slopetame3 partnered to improve the interstate interchange in Murietta, CA through aesthetics, durability, and flexibility.

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Slopetame3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slopetame3?

Slopetame3 is a permanent erosion control mat comprised of ISI’s trademark ring-on-grid system, crossbars on every row and a permeable vegetative fabric layer. Duckbill anchors are provided to secure every roll.

What is the difference between Slopetame3 and other erosion control solutions?

Slopetame3 is unique in that it is an immediate and permanent solution. The three-dimensional containment system is installed just an inch below ground and isn’t visible from the surface. The permanent fabric backing allows for both containment and root growth/penetration for vegetation.

What is the difference between Slopetame2 and Slopetame3?

The new design has larger rings, making the whole roll lighter and easier to install. We also added cross-bars to every row (formerly every other) to further assist in the instant containment of erosion.

How does the cost of Slopetame3 compare to other erosion control solutions?

Slopetame3 is initially more expensive than other erosion control mats but is a permanent solution that will not require maintenance or need to be replaced. Slopetame3 is generally less expensive than the installation of a gabion or retaining wall.

What is the required depth for Slopetame3?

Only a 1” depth is required for vegetation and/or gravel fill.

What is the maximum slope angle Slopetame3 can support?  

Slopetame3 can permanently stabilize slopes up to 45 degrees or a 1:1 ratio.

Can Slopetame3 be used on a grass slope intended for pedestrian or vehicular use?

Slopetame3 can be used and will support the weight of pedestrian and most vehicular. However, grass on a slope can be extremely slippery and these installations should be done with care.

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