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Large Vehicles & Boats

Always Ready for the Heavy Lifting

Whether it's for industrial facilities, marinas, boatyards, or recreational areas, Invisible Structures has solutions that deliver the necessary compressive strength (15,940 psi / 2,295,000 psf) and performance to accommodate large vehicles and boats, while minimizing maintenance requirements and promoting stormwater management.

Products for Large Vehicles & Boats

Grasspave2 Gravelpave2

Explore the many features and benefits of choosing Invisible Structures for your large vehicle or boat accommodation.

Load Bearing Capacity

Our trademark ring-on-grid design is what gives our products their competitive advantage, making them ideal for areas frequented by trucks, trailers, RVs or boats. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 boast remarkable compressive strength (15,940 psi/ 2,295,000 psf). 

Rapid Drainage

Both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 offer very fast drainage, with recent testing of the 12" base course Grasspave2 finding a flow rate result of 39.20" per hour of drainage.

Surface Stability

We provide a stable and secure surface for large vehicles and boats to maneuver on. Our unmatched strength offers a firm foundation that minimizes sinking, rutting, or shifting, providing reliable traction and stability for vehicles and vessels during loading, unloading, and transit.

Reduced Maintenance

Porous paving requires minimal maintenance. Its permeable structure allows water to drain through the surface, eliminating the risk of puddles, standing water, and erosion. This means no pothole repair, crack sealing, and surface resealing, resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime for maintenance.

Environmental Considerations

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 are the environmentally friendly choice for large vehicle and boat areas. Each promotes the filtration process and helps remove pollutants. Additionally, our products garner LEED Credits, contributing to resource conservation and reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects.

Recycled Materials

All Invisible Structures products are made from 100% recycled plastics (HDPE & PP – post-consumer and post-industrial), making them safe for our underground environments and waterways, and promoting a circular economy.