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Fire Lanes

Trial by Fire

For decades, Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 have been the most approved porous pavers by fire departments in the nation. Ensure quick and easy access for emergency vehicles with our solutions that can withstand the weight and pressure of the heaviest fire trucks, and a surface that will remain smooth and stable. 

Products for Fire Lanes

Grasspave2 Gravelpave2 Rainstore3

Explore the many features and benefits of choosing Invisible Structures for your fire lane project.

Enhanced Access

Fire lanes paved with Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 offer reliable access for emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances, even during inclement weather conditions. The stable and permeable surface ensures that emergency responders can reach affected areas quickly and safely, improving overall response times in critical situations.

Improved Traction

Porous paving materials are designed to provide traction and stability, even in wet or slippery conditions. This is crucial for fire lanes, where vehicles need to maneuver safely during emergency response operations. The permeable nature of porous paving also helps to minimize puddles and standing water, further reducing the risk of slips and accidents.

Compliance with Regulations

Many jurisdictions require fire lanes to meet specific regulations and standards to ensure adequate access for emergency vehicles. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 can help property owners and managers meet these requirements while also addressing environmental considerations and promoting sustainable development practices.

Enhanced Durability & Longevity

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 are designed to withstand heavy loads (15,940 psi / 2,295,360 psf) and resist wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and durable surface. The flexible nature of our products allows them to accommodate ground movement and resist cracking, eliminating the need for repairs and greatly reducing maintenance. This results in dramatically lowering lifecycle costs and creating a much more sustainable solution for parking lots.

Low Maintenance

Invisible Structures porous paving products require minimal maintenance. The permeable surface prevents the accumulation of standing water and ice, reducing the need for de-icing and snow removal. Additionally, the natural filtration process helps to prevent the buildup of oil, dirt and other surface toxins, helping to keep the surface clean and functional.

Community Beautification

Fire lanes with Invisible Structures products typically serve as green spaces that can be enjoyed by the community, proving that fire lanes can be durable and beautiful.

Recycled Materials

All Invisible Structures products are made from 100% recycled plastics (HDPE & PP – post-consumer and post-industrial), making them safe for our underground environments and waterways, and promoting a circular economy.