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Water Gardens

Make a Splash With Your Design

Invisible Structures can help you create beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor spaces, conserving water resources and minimizing environmental impact while being able to fit within an urban environment. Our water gardens help conserve water by storing most of the water below ground, preventing evaporation. It’s also easy to create different depths as needed, and the drop-in installation makes it a lot easier and faster to install than alternatives.

Products for Water Gardens

Rainstore3 Draincore2

Explore the many features and benefits of choosing Invisible Structures for your water garden project.

Enhanced Environment

Our products enhance their surrounding environment by increasing drainage, reducing temperatures, and looking great.

Water Conservation

Rainstore3 conserves water by capturing, storing and using water for non-potable purposes or by capturing and temporarily detaining water until it can be absorbed into the subbase to replenish aquifiers. 

Recycled Materials

All Invisible Structures products are made from 100% recycled plastics (HDPE & PP – post-consumer and post-industrial), making them safe for our underground environments and waterways, and promoting a circular economy.