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Sustainable Solutions

Built sustainably. Built to last.

Since day one, Invisible Structures has been making products that are built to last and that are good for the environment. 

Sustainable Solutions

The addition of Invisible Structures products to a project can provide multiple benefits of the environment such as:

Our dedication to responsible manufacturing began in 1982. To use recycled plastic, we had to source and grind it ourselves. Since then, recycling consumers and industrial partners have made it easier for us to provide 100% recycled products to our customers in the US and abroad.

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Benefits of Recycled Plastic

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Stormwater Management and Environmental Concerns

Invisible Structures now has a complete line of Stormwater Management Products to choose from. Our products were developed to help manage stormwater and protect and enhance the environment. We continue to aim to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, capture and reuse Storm Water runoff, and change our landscapes for the better.