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Porous Grid Pavers

Grounded in Performance

Build a sustainable world with Invisible Structures. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 have limitless commercial and residential applications.

Creative Solutions for Your Project

Since 1982, the crew at Invisible Structures has been revolutionizing Porous Grid Paving Solutions to support greener environments in all regions – urban, rural and everywhere in between! Permeable Grid Pavers play a crucial role in Low Impact Development by addressing complicated environmental, social, and economic challenges with simple, powerful, solutions. Combatting carbon emissions, controlling stormwater events, and creating thriving habitats for vegetation are just some of the reasons why large-scale commercial projects, and DIY homeowners alike are “Porous Paving” with Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2.

Pave Green. Store Green. Build Green.


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