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You’ll Dig Our Soil Amendment Solution

Another reason Grasspave2 is the industry leader is the addition of Hydrogrow soil amendment, which is supplied with your order. Hydrogrow is engineered to help grass grow in our sand-based root zone. The results are amazing.

In fact, our Grasspave2 areas often look healthier than surrounding turf. By using this special mixture in the sand, porosity will be maintained, turf will be more attractive, and aeration will not be necessary.


Hydrogrow is a natural soil additive which absorbs water and dissolved nutrients. Components are non-toxic, pH neutral, and very slow to biodegrade. Hydrogrow is anionic, and is not affected by minerals and salts in soils or water.


Plants roots will penetrate the expanded components and remove the moisture and nutrients as needed, responding with rapid growth and more healthy vegetation.

The Humate component provides humus, fertilizer, micronutrients, and starter bacteria for an ideal growth environment for soil bacteria and enzymes to convert NPK fertilizer elements into food for plants.

Grasspave2 Faux GP Install1 1200X1200



Spread all Hydrogrow mix provided (spreader rate = 10 pounds per 1076 square feet (24.53 kg per 100 square meters) evenly over the surface of the base course with a hand-held, or wheeled, rotary spreader.

The Hydrogrow mix should be placed immediately before or immediately after installing the Grasspave2 rolls.