Austin Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium located in Austin, Texas, home to Major League Soccer (MLS) team Austin FC. In 2021, the North Lot of the stadium was redesigned and incorporated Grasspave2, a grass pavement system. This redesign was likely aimed at improving the functionality and sustainability of the North Lot, providing a more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for parking and event spaces. The Grasspave2 system allows for the growth of grass while still supporting the weight of vehicles and foot traffic. This helps to reduce heat island effects, manage stormwater runoff, and create a more environmentally friendly and versatile space for various events and activities.



Texas, United States

Install Size
52,469 sq.ft.

TBG Partners


Side view of the stadium and installation. Grass established on top of the Grasspave2 installation. Grasspave2 installed in N of the Q2 Stadium. Panoramic Shot of the Stadium and Grasspave2 installation. Alternate View

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