Christ Chapel

70,000 sq ft of Draincore2 and 70,000 sq ft of Grasspave2 makes the Christ Chapel parking lot a model of drainage efficiency. Draincore2 sits atop an impermeable liner and conveys water, at a slope, to pipe at the lowest portion of the system. Pipe carries water to a sump pump. A geotextile filter fabric separates Draincore2 from 12 inches of base course. Grasspave2 was placed on top of the base course for 70,000 sq ft of grass parking. The parking lot is only open when services are in session. All other time bollards prevent the Grasspave2 parking lot from being used. Daily visitors park in an impermeable concrete lot.


Draincore2 Grasspave2

3701 Birchman Ave, Fort Worth TX

Install Size
Draincore2: 270,000 square feet (6,500 square meters); Grasspave2: 70,000 square feet(6,500 square meters)

Scott Martsolf, Architect

Scott Martsolf, Architect

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