National Cathedral

For over a century, the Washington National Cathedral has dedicated itself to providing a walk to the Cathedral that provides a respite from the city... offering wonder and charm and a taste of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, the area was plagued by flooding, erosion and run-off issues. Runoff washed out vegetation and rutting, pooling and the loss of vegetation began to impact the lushness and beauty of the forest. 

By installing Rainstore3 in the Olmsted Forest the runoff from the stormwater could be captured and allowed to seep into the ground to prevent further erosion and promote the regrowth of the lost vegetation and paths were clear of pooling and the riverbank was rebuilt as water levels running through became lower.



3101 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20016-5098

Install Size
200 cubic meters (20 stacks of 10 units high)

Thomas Cahill and Associates, Environmental Consultants. 104 South High Street West Chester, PA 19382 • (610) 696-4150


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