NRG Stadium (Formerly Astrodome & Reliant)

The area surrounding the old Astrodome was a sea of hot Texas asphalt and the designers of the new NRG Stadium chose Grasspave2 to help with the "Greening of Reliant [NRG] Park." The seven acres of Grasspave2, the largest engineered grass porous paving system in the world, is part of the 30 acres of green, park setting, at the site.

Terra cotta Gravelpave2 was placed for truck access and emergency vehicle access close to the Astrodome as part of the “greening” of NRG Park.

Tailgaters coming to the NFL's Houston Texans games will have a much more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing surface on which to enjoy pre-game food and refreshments. The parking lot will also be used for other events such as festivals, concerts, and conventions. Grasspave2 provides 100% grass coverage with engineered strength to support extremely heavy loads. 


Grasspave2 Gravelpave2

Houston, Texas

Install Size
317,000 sq ft (30,800 sq meters) Grasspave2; 8,600 sq ft (800 sq meters) of Terra Cotta Gravelpave2

HOK Sport, Hermes Architects, Knutson

Manhattan Construction & W.T. Byler (Grasspave2). Blythe (Gravelpave2).

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