Phillips Ranch

This private ranch, even though inland from the ocean, is affected by hurricanes which take otherwise dry conditions and hit with a heavy downfall of rain that loosens soft soils and causes serious erosion. B & H was called in to reroute water into multiple channels instead of one large one, and to create a collection pond of water for livestock. The long swale on the right of the entrance has Slopetame3 down the entire length. Another section of runoff is diverted to the east to lower the amount of stormwater entering the first inlet. Further toward the large tree there is another large section of Slopetame3 entering another inlet which is actually a culvert leading to an outfall area with recycled concrete curbing stood on end to act as barriers to slow water down. The remainder of Slopetame3 was used on either side of the road toward an opening in the fence to the main residence.




Install Size
12,380 square feet (1150 square meter)

B & H Earth Moving Contractors, Inc.

B & H Earth Moving Contractors, Inc.

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