Tulane University Athletic Practice Fields

Dealing with the high water table is problematic for Tulane University and all of New Orleans. Designers from Gould Evans Associates and Lee Ledbetter & Associates needed a way to store the site's runoff from stormwater while maximizing the limited area for an athletic practice field. Rainstore3 was chosen for the detention system in one chamber with two heights: one section at 5 units high (50cm) and the other area at 7 units high (70cm). Precautions had to be made in the design of the system as the water table will exert upward force on the chambers at different times. Designer ended up wrapping nearly all of the sides of the chamber (leaving the top for infiltration) with a impermeable membrane. Calculations were made to see how buoyant this made the Rainstore3 system. Then designers could counteract the upward buoyancy pressure with static pressure from the cover material and athletic field surface turf preventing the system from "floating" or popping up. The chamber is capable of holding 1428 cubic meters (50,000 cu ft) of stormwater.



New Orleans, Louisiana

Install Size
14,286 Rainstore3 units

Gould Evans Associates and Lee Ledbetter & Associates

Woodward Design Build - General Contractor. Durr Heavy Duty Construction (sub) for the Rainstore3 installation.

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