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This Porous Paving Rocks

Created by a landscape architect, Gravelpave2 has been the trusted choice for low maintenance porous paving since 1991. With a compressive strength 5 times that of concrete, Gravelpave2 can support the weight of virtually any vehicle. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the lightweight and flexible rolls allow for quick and easy installation and can be easily trimmed for design versatility. Gravelpave2 is available in custom colors, making the possibilities limitless.

Gravelpave2 Advantages

  • Design Flexibility
  • High Compressive Strength (15,940 psi/2,295,000 psf)
  • Easy, Quick Installation
  • 92% Void Space
  • All Weather
  • InvisiMarker: the ultimate delineator for porous paving
  • Toxin filtration
  • Unlimited Traffic for Low Speed Areas
  • Low Maintenance/Long Lifespan (60+ years)
  • Available in Custom Colors


  • Fire Lanes, Utility and Emergency Access Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Outdoor Event Spaces
  • Paths and Walkways (ADA Compliant)
  • Ramps, Docks and Loading Areas
  • Airplane Taxiing Areas

Find the Right Fill

The range of options for aggregate is vast, and designers have used everything from recycled glass to crushed seashells.

Featured Case Study

IDEA Camp Rio

See how Gravelpave2 reduced the runoff coefficient with maximum infiltration, while providing support for fire trucks, bus traffic and other vehicles.

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"It is a beautiful installation and it has been in for two, maybe three, seasons and we are pleased. I am very glad the product is modular and repairable ... when there are issues."

- Homeowner, Oak Bluffs, MA

"Gravelpave2 by Invisible Structures: one of our 2024 Sustainable Products of the Year."

- Green Builder Magazine

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Gravelpave2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gravelpave2?

Gravelpave2 is the first gravel porous paver and continues to be Designers’ top choice because of its impressive strength, ADA compliance, and long-lasting durability. Gravelpave2 is a 100% recycled plastic structure that can be easily installed beneath aggregate to stabilize and reinforce the surface. The unique ring-on-grid design, with fabric that will never come off keeps gravel in place, prevents weeds from growing through and acts as a dust inhibitor. With ADA certification and a compaction strength of 15,940 psi, Gravelpave2 has been used for countless numbers of fire lanes, access and utility roads, parking lots, driveways and pathways.

How does the cost of Gravelpave2 compare to the cost of concrete or asphalt?

Gravelpave2 may initially be more more expensive, depending on the requisite depth of a base course and desired type of gravel. However, because it requires minimal maintenance and will not need to be replaced or repaired in the long-term, the overall cost is less. The lifespan for Gravelpave2 is predicted to be over 60 years.

What is the cost of Gravelpave2?

Please see our Gravelpave2 Estimator for product cost.

How is Gravelpave2 maintained?

Gravelpave2 requires very little maintenance. The gravel in high traffic areas may need to occasionally be brushed or swept back into place. Over time additional gravel may need to be added depending on ware and maintenance. Round gravel tends to migrate outside of the rings with more frequency than angular aggregate.

Is Gravelpave2 ADA Compliant?

Yes. Gravelpave2 provides a smooth and stable outdoor surface and has been tested, certifying that it complies with the requisite ASTM F 1951 standard – (per the Department of Justice 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design – Section 1008.2.6 Ground Surfaces.) When using Gravelpave2 for an ADA application, we recommend the rings are not overfilled to provide the most stable surface possible.

Is Gravelpave2 an “All Weather” Product?

Yes. Rain or shine, sleet, snow, hail or ice – Gravelpave2 will withstand years of drastic temperature changes without cracking, breaking or causing an uneven surface.

Can Gravelpave2 be plowed in the event of snow?

Of course. Gravelpave2 is easy to plow year after year without needing to replace any sections because the product will flex and bend with the freeze-thaw cycle. Simply add a skid to the corners of the plow blades to raise them and proceed as usual.

How much traffic can Gravelpave2 withstand?

Gravelpave2 can withstand daily, high frequency traffic. There is no limit to the number of passes per day. However, Gravelpave2 works best in areas with low speed traffic.

How heavy of a load can Gravelpave2 support?

Gravelpave2 can support the weight of virtually any vehicle. With a compression strength of 15,940 psi, Gravelpave2 exceeds H20 loading and has been the leading choice for porous utility and emergency access roads worldwide.

Does Gravelpave2 require a base course?

The requisite depth of a base course is entirely dependent on the application. Some applications, which do not require heavy load bearing capacity or flood zone type drainage, do not require a base course at all. Vehicular applications will require varying base depths depending on the weight in which it needs to support. Greater depths of base course also manage greater amounts of stormwater. It is crucial it is porous and that our Technical Specifications are followed.

What type of base course does Gravelpave2 require?

The most important aspect of a base course for both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 is its ability to maintain porosity while bearing weight. When choosing the right gravel to combine with sand for your road base, refer to our Base Course Material Recommendation and avoid materials that solidify over time, losing porosity.

What is the recommended maximum slope for Gravelpave2?

The recommended max slope for both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 is 5% for fire lanes, 8% for cars and lighter weight trucks, 15% – 20% for golf carts, pedestrian use and trails.

Do rolls of Gravelpave2 have to be connected when installed?

Not necessarily. There are interlocking male and female connectors along the edges of each roll. The pieces can be easily snapped together in the field, but this step may be skipped on curves or large installations. However, the Gravelpave2 must be secured to the base course with the included 8” pins and washers. Need our Pinning Instructions?

What size and type of aggregate should I use as fill material for Gravelpave2?

The best choice for aggregate is small (3/16’), angular, hard stones that have been thoroughly washed. The angular stones will lock together in the ring creating a smooth, stable surface. The range of options is vast, and designers have used everything from recycled glass to crushed seashells. Softer materials that break down, such as limestone or decomposed granite, should be avoided as they will cause the surface to lose porosity. If opting for a round gravel, rings should not be overfilled as it will cause a slip-hazard.

Can I use a binder with Gravelpave2?

Absolutely. A binder will add to the maintenance of Gravelpave2 but only every few years. It can help with steep slopes, sections adjacent to water features or any areas you want to prevent stone migration. Whatever binder you select for your project, make sure it maintains porosity within the aggregate. For suggestions, check out this list.

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Request our Gravelpave2 Strength Verification Paper. Certified for superior strength performance with any vehicle loading demands.

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