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The Strongest Roots in Porous Paving

Grasspave2 was our first product in 1982. In fact, it was the first in the industry. Built first and made to last, this innovative porous paving solution comes in easy-to-install rolls. It’s flexible, lightweight, durable and provides design versatility for any project... all while being stronger than the competition.

Grasspave2 Advantages

  • Stronger Compressive Strength (15,940 psi/2,295,000 psf)
  • Rolls Out -- Quicker to Install, Saves Labor
  • Bend or Trim with Pruning Shears to Easily Create Curves or Custom Layouts
  • Proven Track Record of Success
  • Expected Lifespan of 60+ Years
  • 92% Void Space for Root Development & Drainage
  • Meet Stormwater Requirements in Less Square Footage Than Competing Products
  • All-Weather Applications
  • InvisiMarker: the ultimate delineator for porous paving
  • Reduces CO₂ & Toxin Filtration
  • Made From 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic
  • Knowledgeable and Robust Customer Service & Support


  • Fire Lanes, Utility & Emergency Access Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Stormwater Management & Drainage
  • Outdoor Event Spaces
  • Paths & Walkways (ADA-Compliant)
  • Ramps, Docks & Loading Areas
  • Airplane Taxiing Areas
  • Helicopter Landing Pads

Get To Know Hydrogrow

Check out our proprietary soil amendment and root booster that pairs perfectly with Grasspave2.

Featured Case Study

Austin Q2 Stadium

See how Grasspave2 supported the parking for this soccer-specific stadium located in Austin, Texas, home to Major League Soccer (MLS) team Austin FC.

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"Your product was amazing to use. The order process was easy, shipping was easy and the install was easy. We inadvertently tested the material after it got installed--we had the fire lane prepped for sod install, when a truck drove through the fire lane. The material was undamaged and held up to the intended use.... I am also recommending your product for another project we are working on."

- Landscape Management Senior Project Manager, Arizona USA

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Grasspave2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grasspave2?

Grasspave2 is the world’s leading choice in porous paving – a flexible, recycled plastic structure that sits unseen below a real grass surface to allow for the weight of virtually any vehicle while protecting the grass roots. With ADA certification and a compaction strength of 15,940 psi, it has been a favorite for Fire Lanes, Emergency Access, and Parking Areas since 1982.  Grasspave2 provides a long-term green paving alternative that can reduce CO2 emissions and filter out environmental toxins through bioremediation. 

How does the cost of Grasspave2 compare to the cost of concrete or asphalt?

Grasspave2 may initially be more expensive. However, because it requires minimal maintenance and will not need to be replaced due to cracking, the long-term cost will be far less. The lifespan for Grasspave2 is over 60 years.

What is the cost of Grasspave2?

Please see our Grasspave2 Estimator for product cost.

Can Grasspave2 be used for fire lanes?

Yes, our second installation ever was one of the first porous fire lanes back in 1982, and since then we have provided product to countless other cities and countries worldwide. It continues to be our most popular installation.

How much traffic can Grasspave2 withstand?

While Grasspave2 is designed to withstand vehicular traffic, one must ensure that living grass gets enough sunlight, moisture and limited friction to protect its health. For example, parking in the same spots or frequent passes over the same areas on a daily basis will cause the grass distress. However, Grasspave2 continually protects the root zone so even if the grass blades are damaged by overuse they will recover.

How heavy a load can Grasspave2 support?

Grasspave2 exceeds H20 loading and has a psi of 15,940 so it can support the weight of virtually any vehicle. This is one of the many reasons why Grasspave2 has been the leading choice for porous fire lanes, utility and emergency access roads worldwide.

Is Grasspave2 ADA compliant?

Absolutely. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 were the first, and continue to be one of the only ADA compliant porous pavers. For a link to our ASTM testing results for Grasspave2 click here.

Does grass planted with Grasspave2 require different maintenance than regular grass?

The only difference in how one cares for the grass covering Grasspave2 and regular lawn is aeration is not permitted, as aerating may cause damage to the Grasspave2 structure below.

I’m concerned that Grasspave2 specifies using sand instead of soil – Will grass grow in sand?

Absolutely. Soil can compact and become impermeable creating mud, ruts and “bath-tubbing”. Because sand never compacts it remains porous allowing the roots to thrive, providing an excellent medium for growing any vegetation. The addition of our proprietary Hydrogrow (included with every order of Grasspve2) ensures water and nutrient retention at the base course level to expedite the root growth process after installation.

Does Grasspave2 work better with sod or seed?

Grasspave2 works very well with seed or sod. To achieve the best results with sod, use a thin cut sod or rinse off any excess soil with a hose prior to installation, as excess soil will cause compaction and loss of porosity. Hydrosourcing Seeding is most successful when a mulch is used. Avoid using mulch such as straw or pine as they generally do not retain enough moisture.

What is Hydrogrow and what purpose does it serve?

Hydrogrow is a specially formulated polymer designed to rapidly promote healthy root growth for at least one year with regular watering cycles. Included with every order of Grasspave2, it can be easily distributed over the base course using a Spreader.

Can Grasspave2 be plowed in the event of snow?

Absolutely. Soil can compact and become impermeable creating mud, ruts and “bath-tubbing”. Because sand never compacts it remains porous allowing the roots to thrive, providing an excellent medium for growing any vegetation. The addition of our proprietary Hydrogrow (included with every order of Grasspve2) ensures water and nutrient retention at the base course level to expedite the root growth process after installation.

How is Grasspave2 Installed?

Grasspave2 can be easily installed by a contractor or landscape professional. Roll out the product like carpet, over a compacted, porous base course and our specially formulated growth enhancer, Hydrogrow. Fill the rings with sand, finish with sod or seed and wait until roots are completely established (generally around 2 mowings) before use. For specific instructions on how to Install Grasspave2 please refer to our Installation Instructions.

What is the recommended maximum slope for Grasspave2?

The recommended max slope for both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 is 5% for fire lanes, 8% for cars and lighter weight trucks and 15% – 20% for golf carts, pedestrian use and trails. For grass installations with a slope greater than 20% Slopetame3 may be used and will support pedestrian and most vehicular traffic.

What depth base course does Grasspave2 require?

The depth of base course required is entirely dependent on the application. It is crucial that our Technical Specifications are referenced, and municipalities consulted for areas such as fire lanes, as these requirements vary. Overall, a general guideline would be an equivalent depth to the requirements for 2” of asphalt. See our Base Course Depth Recommendations chart for a reference – though all depths must be verified by an engineer and if applicable, the fire department.

What type of base course does Grasspave2 require?

The most important aspect of a base course for Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 is its ability to maintain porosity while bearing weight. When choosing the right gravel to combine with sand for your road base, refer to our Technical Specifications for your project and avoid materials that solidify over time, losing porosity – like limestone. our base course should fit within the specifications of this Base Course Material Recommendation.

Do pieces of Grasspave2 have to be connected when installed?

There are interlocking male and female connectors along the edges of each roll. If using Grasspave2 for a large installation, you can save time by skipping this step or interlocking only periodically, as the established grass roots will anchor the product. For fire lanes and any emergency access areas, it is recommended that all connections be made to maximize stabilization during the “off-limits” root growth period – in case of emergency.

What types of grass should I use for the product?

We recommend using a deep rooting and hardy species such as Blue, Rye, Fescue, Zoysia or Bermuda depending on your area. Both sod and seed will be successful, but if using sod we recommend one grown in sand or a sandy-loam, especially for emergency vehicular access in areas susceptible to heavy rains.

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Strong Support

Need a letter to certify the strength of Grasspave2 for your project or fire lane? We can do that for you. We’ve been doing it since our first fire lane in Aspen/Snowmass, CO in 1982.

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